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In order to obtain the PTP-IP standard, the following three documents (the "Required Documents") which can be downloaded in PDF format as described below must be submitted to Questionnaire for CIPA DC-005-2005 (“the Questionnaire”), Agreement for CIPA DC-005 (“the Agreement”), and STATEMENT FOR DC-005 (“the Statement”).
The Required Documents are documents for obtaining CIPA DC-005-2005 stipulated as a standard by CIPA. The applicant submitting the Required Documents to CIPA must fill in the required information and agree by signing and stamping the documents. The information necessary to obtain the standard will be supplied by CIPA provided the details satisfy the conditions*1 stipulated by CIPA.
*1 CIPA conditions:
- The applicant must be a corporate organization.
- It must be for the purpose of developing, manufacturing, or selling products incorporating PTP-IP.
- The organization must have sufficient capability to develop, manufacture, or sell the above products.

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* Sample filled-in Required Documents are also provided for reference purposes.
Questionnaire, Agreement, Statement Samples of Completed Documents
The procedure from application to receipt is as follows.
1. Submit Questionnaire, Agreement, and Statement2. Issue access IDs (10) required for obtaining standard3. Download standard
1. Submit Questionnaire, Agreement and Statement

Same procedure applies for both CIPA and non-CIPA members.
Print out the Questionnaire, the Agreement and the Statement, fill in the required details, sing the documents and post them to the address given below.
Note that only original documents can be accepted. Email, faxes, or copies cannot be accepted.

Address: PTP-IP Dept.
Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA)
MA Shibaura bldg., 3-8-10, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0023 Japan

The signature on the Questionnaire, the Agreement and the Statement indicate the agreement of the person representing the applicant company or a responsible agent. There is no stipulation by CIPA on who may sign on behalf of the applicant company, but it should be a person qualified to indicate agreement.
For more details, download DC-X005-2005 DRAFT, which was made available to the public in accordance with WTO/TBT agreements.
2. Issue access IDs (10) required for obtaining standard

Provided the conditions stipulated by CIPA are satisfied, an access ID that enables the standard to be downloaded will normally be issued within six to seven days after CIPA receives the application. The access ID will be sent to the email address specified in Article 8 (Notice) of the Agreement.
Send any related questions here.

* Note that the access ID will not be issued if the Required Documents contain omissions or if the details do not satisfy the conditions stipulated by CIPA.
In this case, notice will always be sent to the email address specified in Article 8 (Notice) of the Agreement.
Please also note that the Required Documents cannot be returned for any reason.
3. Download standard

The access ID received can be used to download the standard.
Please refer to the FAQ if there are any queries.
If the FAQ does not answer the particular query, please write to here.
Inquiries cannot be answered by telephone or fax.
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