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1) Background
-The spread of digital images has created the needs of adding new paper types which support DVD/CD label print and Hi-Vision image print and it also has created the needs of printing images which includes characters, such as mobile phone e-mail messages and web pages, using PictBridge. In reply to these needs, we issued this Revision 2.0.

2) Major changes in Revision2.0
- We newly added paper size parameter values of DVD/CD label, Paper for Hi-Vision, Panorama, etc.
- We clarified the implementation method of XHTML-Print that supports characters, which were not specified in former specifications.
- Correction of wrong descriptions.

3) Version of CIPA Standard
- The name of CIPA standard does not change because new technologies and mandatory features have not been added, but it is released as Revision2.0 which stands for a revision. (“CIPA DC-001-2003” is Revision1.0)

For those who have already Specifications of CIPA DC-001-2003