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To obtain PictBridge specifications, it is necessary to submit to CIPA the PDF file titled “Agreement for CIPA DC-001” that is available for download below.
This is the agreement for obtaining the specifications that describe the technical standard “CIPA DC-001-2003 (PictBridge)” drawn up by CIPA, “Implementer’s Guidelines,” “Logo Certification Guidelines,” and “XML Schema.” Applicants who submit this agreement to CIPA will be considered to have accepted the agreement when they sign it, and CIPA will disclose necessary information for obtaining documents and other information.

Click on the button below to download.
Also, please refer to the "How to Fill in the Agreement for CIPA DC-001 (Example)" to complete necessary information.
Blank Form of the Agreement for CIPA DC-001How to Fill in the Agreement for CIPA DC-001 (Example)
The step-by-step instructions on how to obtain the standard are as follows;
General flowchart on how to obtain the standard
1. Send the "Agreement for CIPA DC-001"Arrange payment for the administration feeConfirm  access ID numbers  for downloading the specificationsDownload the specifications and the related documents
[Procedures necessary to apply for obtaining the specifications]
1. Send the "Agreement for CIPA DC-001"

This is the procedure common to CIPA members and non-members.
Print out the "Agreement for CIPA DC-001" (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"). Fill in the form, and mail it to the CIPA Secretariat at the following address. Please note that only paper-based original documents will be accepted (no e-mails, no photo copies and no facsimile messages).

Mailing address:
Attn: PictBridge Administrator
Standardization Group, Camera and Imaging Products Association
MA Shibaura bldg., 3-8-10, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0023 Japan

Signatures on the Agreement and the Statement are necessary to confirm the intention of the representative of your company or appropriate agent thereof, so make sure at your discretion that a person who is appropriate for making such declaration of intension signs the Agreement and the Statement.
2. Payment for the administration fee

(1) *CIPA Members are not required to pay. The membership fee will be applied to the administration fee.

*CIPA members are different from PictBridge members who applied for the Agreement for CIPA DC-001.
For the details of CIPA members, please click here.

(2) Non-CIPA members are required to pay *JPY 59,000(This is the price in case of remittance from outside Japan and It includes bank transfer charge) in Japanese currency to the following bank account when submitting the Agreement. Please note that we do not accept payment in currency other than Japanese yen or payment by check or credit card. Please note that we will not give any refunds even if you pay more than the prescribed amount. In case a non-CIPA member applies for the CIPA membership within 30 days after mailing out "Agreement for CIPA DC-001," the above mentioned fee will be applied to the enrollment fee for CIPA.

Bank Account:
Name of bank: The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Tamachi Branch
Account No.: Saving account No. 0799683
Account holder: Camera & Imaging Products Association

*In case you remit the payment in Japan, the fee is JPY55,000. (including consumption tax)However, as this price does not include bank transfer charge, all charges for bank transfer is your responsibility.