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Try out! "Virtual PictBridge"
2.Print out the image specified

PictBridge includes functions to make direct printing even easier. You can select several images to be printed at the same time, crop and print images, or print indexes, all through the digital camera user interface. PictBridge also allows easy image printing using DPOF* and lets users easily make a wide range of image settings.

These convenient functions must be supported by both the digital camera and printer, and are not necessarily available on all devices.

*Note: “DPOF”
This is the abbreviation for Digital Print Order Format, a recording format used for digital cameras. Images recorded using a DPOF-compatible digital camera include photographic data, image data, and user information. The images to be printed, number of prints, and other information can be set and recorded. This information can then be used by compatible printers or print services.
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