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What is PictBridge?
1. PictBridge overview
2. PictBridge direct-printing functions and features
1. PictBridge overview

Enjoy easy digital printing without a PC! PictBridge was created to make printing digital photos even easier and more accessible. PictBridge allows you to connect a digital still camera (referred to hereafter as “digital camera”) directly to a printer without a PC, enabling direct printing on the spot.

Due to the rapid market penetration of digital cameras, images can now be handled as digital data more easily then ever before. However, digital image data traditionally required transfer to a PC using application software for printing: the process was not exactly simple. A number of manufacturers have already proposed and marketed systems enabling certain digital cameras to be connected directly to certain printers, but these only allow connection between a limited number of devices from specific manufacturers, and have not come into widespread use as standard systems.

PictBridge is a new standard created for direct printing from digital cameras to printers, regardless of the make of either, and a large number of manufacturers have already announced their commitment to the standard. It is also being considered for other applications in addition to printing from digital cameras.