International Standardization Activities
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Outline of International Standardization Activities

The CIPA Standardization Committee acts aggressively with worldwide consumers and their profits in mind.

With the advancement and diversification of technology, products with totally different specifications, even those used for the same purpose, are put on the market and consequently cause confusion and trouble to consumers.

To avoid this situation, standardization that is promoted by international standardization organizations such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is required.
International standardization of the standards established within the domestic industry fortifies the competitive strength of the domestic industry.
Almost all digital cameras have adopted "Exif/DCF," which Japan proposed to make an ISO standard. The unified standards for imaging have contributed to the popularization of digital cameras.
As a matter of national policy, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry focuses on international standardization schemes for the development of the domestic industry.

ISO/TC42 Domestic Council

The Japanese representative organization in International Standardization Activities is the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC). The JISC entrust the deliberations on international standardization in the field of photography to the ISO/TC42 Domestic Council.

ISO/TC42 Domestic Council WG2, WG4

WG2 (Photo Flash Units)

The standards created by WG2 include those related to flash bulbs, GN measurements and dimensional standards for flash connectors. The WG2 was very active up to the 1980s as Japanese representatives played a central role. However, the number of matured standards has increased recently. It has been determined that this WG will be dissolved after the revised draft of ISO1230 is submitted to the 17th ISO/TC42 full convention.

WG4 (Mechanical Elements of Photographic Equipment)

WG4 is a working group for the management of the mechanical elements of cameras, such as mechanical dimensional standards and optical-related standards, and standards for shutter and exposure measurement. As Japan has progressed in camera technology, its position in the WG has improved. At the 7th ISO/TC42 full convention in 1973, Mr. Shigeo Ono was recommended as a convener, and Japanese have served as conveners for many years: Mr. Goro Hasegawa, Mr. Tateo Yamada, Mr. Yoshiyuki Nakano and Mr. Yasuaki Miura (current).

Many of these standards are applied not only to silver halide cameras but also to digital cameras, for example, tripod screw standards. It is expected that these will be widely applied in the future.

ISO/TC42 Domestic Council Digital Imaging Working Group

The Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA) serves as the organization in charge of consultative organizations related to the deliberations of the Digital Imaging Working Group, and promotes International Standardization Activities as the secretariat.

Digital Imaging Working Group

As a working group of the ISO/TC42 Domestic Council, the Digital Imaging Working Group consists of organizations (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association, Japan Photo and Video Accessory Association, Camera and Imaging Products Association) in charge of deliberations related to WG18 (Electronic Still Imaging), expertise in color management, and the secretariat. They attend International standardization conventions and prepare proposals.

The topics of deliberations that the Digital Imaging Working Group is in charge of are:

  • ISO/TC 42/WG 18
    (Electronic still picture imaging)
  • ISO/TC 42/JWG 20
    (Joint ISO/TC 42-IEC WG : Digital still cameras)
  • ISO/TC 42/JWG 22
    (Joint IEC/TC 100-ISO/TC 42-TC 130 WG : Colour management)
  • ISO/TC 42/WG 23
    (Joint TC 42-TC 130-CIE WG: Extended colour encodings for digital image storage, manipulation and interchange)
  • ISO/TC 42/WG 25
    (Joint between ISO/TC 42 and ISO/TC 130: Use of XMP for digital photography)

The topics correspond to the four WGs (Working Groups). An organization to be in charge of the deliberations as well as to participate in the deliberations is designated for each topic.
Experts are also designated to be in charge of deliberations for each topic as Japanese representatives.