Environmental Initiatives
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Taking measures to preserve the environment is absolutely essential to ensure the sustainable advance of humanity. CIPA aggressively exchanges information not only with member companies, but from a broad communal perspective that includes governments and other industrial associations and groups, and conducts surveys and research, strives to accurately clarify present conditions and faithfully takes necessary action based on the global market to comply with regulations and resolve challenges both in Japan and overseas. CIPA also compiles policies, guidelines, position papers appropriately and when needed, shares these with member companies, and encourages their realization to create environmentally friendly design which help conserve energy and conserve or recycle resources, and in these ways, contributes to the establishing an advanced Recycling-based Society. Through these initiatives and with your broad support, it sustains and enhances the competitive strength of its member companies.

Activities of the Environment Working Group

  • The following are the duties of the Environment Working Group, which leads this industrial association’s initiatives to preserve the environment.

    • Collection of information concerning related laws and guidelines, and examination and recommendations concerning measures to deal with quality, safety or environmental issues
    • Investigation and analysis of trends and taking actions regarding quality, safety, and environmental regulations related to the business of CIPA
  • The following are the basic activities of the Environment Working Group

    The Group collects information about related laws and guidelines from both in Japan and overseas, examines and recommends measures, and dispatches representatives to participate in and report on deliberative councils of the National Government.