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HYRes IV The resolution measurement software

HYRes IV (pronunciation [haires aivi:]) is a software tool designed for use in accurately gauging the resolution of a digital camera using resolution charts compliant with ISO 12233.

HYRes software supports the measurement methods described in both ISO 12233 and CIPA standard DC-003 "Resolution Measurement Methods for Digital Cameras" (See Two versions of HYRes 3.1 (2004) and HYRes ACE (2006) have already been released by CIPA.
HYRes IV is the integration of the functions of these two softwares HYRes 3.1 and HYRes ACE, and has been renewed to run on the latest OS.IV is an abbreviation for the Integrated Version


1) This software is freeware provided free of charge by OM Digital Solutions Corporation to which the creator of the software belong as a service to allow users to make more effective use of the ISO standard ISO12233 and the CIPA standard DC-0003 'Resolution Measurement Methods for Digital Cameras'. In keeping with these objectives, this software may be downloaded only from the CIPA website at

2) OM Digital Solutions is a company which the imaging business division of Olympus Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Olympus) was spun off from Olympus on January 1, 2021.
Since HYRes IV was developed before the independence and was released just after the independence, the description (including the link destination) related to the company name in the software itself remains "Olympus". As a transitional measure based on this circumstance, "Olympus" in all statements related to the use of this software (including licenses and oaths) shall be read as "OM Digital Solutions".

3) Before using this software, first read the CIPA standards document DC-003 'Resolution Measurement Methods for Digital Cameras' to learn about how to measure resolutions.

4) Because the Measurement Method using this software is calculating the resolution value by analyzing the testing image picture of the resolution chart(ISO12233 chart) taken by a tested digital camera, resolution chart is necessarily.

5) This software contains no help feature. Read the attached instruction manual files on use.

6) This software was created in a Japanese-language OS environment. When running on a Japanese-language operating system, all menus and messages will be displayed in Japanese, and when running on any other operating system all menus and messages will be displayed in English, but there may be some windows and other places where text appears in garbled form.
HYRes IV operates under the environment of Windows where Microsoft.NET Framework 4 is installed. In other words, it supports to Windows 8 and after generally.
However in any case no guarantees whatsoever are given on its operation.

* Please refer to this link for how to install.