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HYRes IV The resolution measurement software

HYRes IV (Pronunciation [haires aivi:])

A software tool designed for use in accurately gauging the resolution of a digital camera using resolution charts compliant with ISO 12233.
[Creator] Hideaki Yoshida (belongs to OM Digital Solutions Corporation)
[Free provider] OM Digital Solutions Corporation
[Distribution window] CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association)

How to install

1)   HYRes IV operates under the environment of Windows where Microsoft.NET Framework 4 is installed. In other words, it supports to Windows 8 and after generally, and even if NET Framework 4 is not installed it will be available by obtaining that from Microsoft download center in case of Windows XP SP3 or after. (It is downloadable with no charge in December 2020 at the present from the next URL.)
However in any case no guarantees whatsoever are given on its operation.

2)   When you extract the zip file for distribution, the folder [HYResIV 1.00] will appear. The contents of this folder are four files and three folders. The two of the files are <Readme ( ).txt> in Japanese and English, and the others are two manuals <HYResIV Manual( ).pdf> in the same way. And one of the folders is [sample images] as its name indicated.
Each of the other folders [x86] and [x64] is an execution program (the contents are both files <HYResIV.exe>, <HYResMain.dll> and subfolders [ja-JP]), and the one that matches the system architecture (PC processor) of the usage environment is to be used. You can delete the unused folder.

3)   No special installation operation is required, put the folder of the execution program to be used in an appropriate place, and open the execution file <HYResIV.exe> to start it. It is convenient to create a shortcut to the execution file and put it on the desktop or other.

How to use

See the English manual <HYResIV Manual(en).pdf>.

[2021-1-1, Written by the creator: HIDEAKI YOSHIDA](1.00)