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Lithium-ion Battery Packs for Digital Cameras Notice Concerning Counterfeit Battery Packs

It has been confirmed that counterfeit lithium-ion battery packs for digital cameras, made to look identical to the camera manufacture's genuine products, have recently been circulating in the market. Incidents of safety hazards that cause serious equipment damage and/or personal bodily injury have also been reported. These incidents are believed to have been caused by counterfeit battery packs.

Abnormal heat! Explosion! Cobustion! Leakage!

High level sophisticated technology is incorporated into the design and manufacture of genuine lithium Ion battery packs that are used in digital cameras.However, it is evident that many "counterfeit battery packs" do not contain any safety components or protective devices that satisfy the usual minimum of quality and safety standards.

Counterfeit battery packs are unsafe and dangerous!
Genuine product safety

Genuine lithium ion battery packs are designed and manufactured for safety as shown in the figure below.

Safety of the lithium ion battery pack (one example)
Internal structure example

The external appearance of a "counterfeit battery pack" is very skillfully copied making it difficult to tell a genuine battery from a counterfeit battery.

Can you spot the difference?

You can make inquiries to website of some manufacturers. If you are concerned about your battery pack, please contact the manufacturer's service center.

Be warned!

You may inadvertently receive a counterfeit battery pack in situations where you are unable to check the goods first such as purchases through online auctions.

Please purchase your batteries from reliable retailers.
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