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What is the official name of this standard?
This standard is officially referred to as CIPA DC-005-2005, “Picture Transfer Protocol” over TCP/IP networks, which is often abbreviated to PTP-IP.

Is there any official logo such as that for PictBridge?

Describe the background to the PTP-IP being established.
In April 2005, FotoNation proposed to CIPA to make it a CIPA standard.
Following that, a standards investigation deliberation was held amongst related departments and the standard established via the CIPA’s fast track rule.

Why is the CIPA promoting the PTP-IP?
The CIPA is one of the appropriate regulated associations to promote standards relating to digital still images.
By having it released officially as a CIPA regulated standard, we expect that PTP-IP will be adopted for products to a greater extent by related industries.

Will PTP-IP expand overseas?
The CIPA is also a regulated association that will develop regulated standards intended for overseas.
As such, we will also pursue adoption of the PTP-IP not only domestically, but overseas as well.

Can it not be used for applications for products other than digital still cameras and personal computers?
As PTP-IP does not have any effect on top-level applications that use Picture Transfer Protocol (hereinafter, PTP), its use can be expanded to network environments used in applications with PTP compatible products.

Does the CIPA hold any intellectual property rights?
No, we don't.

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